Learn How To Tune Your Drum

How To Tune Your Drum If your drums are a year old or more, then the sound they make will have changed since the day you bought them. This is entirely normal and has nothing to do with the quality of your drum.  The natural skin head reacts to the moisture content of...

Drumsticks Or No Drumsticks?

Drum Sticks Or No Drum Sticks? One of the most frequently debated questions, amongst staff at schools and preschools, about drums is : “Will we be hands-only, or will we use drumsticks?” When I travel around visiting schools with my drums, this drumsticks...

African Djembes : The Reason I Do Not Import them

It’s a question of principle.

There is a certain irony surrounding African djembés in the West. The guilty silence by drum merchants concerning the non sustainable harvest of large trees and the raising of goats for skins in West Africa, flies in the face of the self image of djembé buyers.