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A Few Words About Songbong

Songbong has been part of the Dunedin music landscape since 1995.

Songbong is well known for its school residencies, performances and art weeks around schools in the South Island.  Over the years, we developed relationships with schools and preschools and created drums adapted to the need of teachers and children.

We listen to your needs

Songbong makes children’s toms, wooden ashikos, colourful tambourines and other drums.  We can also produce a custom-made membrane instrument tailored to your requirements.

We have a range of proven drums

Most of the early Songbong drums from the 1990s are still in use and working fine.  Very few of the newer ones, all around New Zealand, have needed repairs.

We make drums for schools

Songbong drums evolved between 1995 when we started out, till around 2010, when we first made our children’s toms.  This evolution, combined with customer feedback, has resulted in a drum stock ideal for school and kindergarten applications.

We repair drums

We are happy to have a look at your broken or damaged drum. In a repair, your drum will be fully restored, although probably sturdier than it was and more suited to sustained use.

Children drums

Wooden drums



Our latest!

Parade drums

Why Buy From Songbong

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We work with NZ materials

Doing our bit

We make a point a reusing and recycling what we can.

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We are local

Locally owned and operated

In Dunedin, NZ. The Portugal of the Southern Seas

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We are established

Since 1995


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We are reliable

You can count on us.

We will serve you as best as we can.

The blog

We are Songbong, David and Kate from Dunedin in the South Island of New Zealand.  Percussion music has always been part of our life.  We simply love the idea of enabling a wider access to music. 
Find the answers to your questions about drums, stay up-to-date and learn about the Songbong journey in our blog.  We hope it is useful to you. 


What Our Customers Say

Henry Johnson | Otago University Dpt of Music

“SONGBONG offered an outstanding service. They made drums of exceptional quality that have been used regularly in workshops and performance groups. SONGBONG provide a great service: they are professional, fast and friendly, and highly recommended.”

Paul Marcham | Drummer and music educator

” I’ve been playing one of David’s djembes for 15 years at different performances and when giving classes.  In my years of teaching I have found people, especially children, are more interested for a longer period of time when there is a great quality of sound.  After playing David’s drums nothing else comes close to the range and quality of sound.

My Djembe drum “Vouivre” has truly helped me become the bass heavy drummer I am today.
I am very grateful for David’s skills as a drum maker.

Robert Scott | Music Teacher at Port Chalmers School

“We use the Songbong drums each year in a parade and also in some of our lessons. The drums have lasted well and retained their tone. I would recommend them to anyone.”