Children drums


Perfect height for preschoolers standing or older people seated in a chair.   Time to channel all that vigorous energy into active music making.  Kids will love them!

Durable and colourful, our eye-catching children drums are made especially with children in mind.

For the children to have a real drumming experience, our children drums need to be played in their tripod so they stand 40cm tall.

These are sturdy instruments and can be played with sticks or directly with hands for a softer sound.  They come in three sizes so a drum set of three toms can provide a range of tones ideal for many musical activities.


  • three diameter sizes: S 20cm – M 25cm – L 30cm
  • one height: 40cm
  • plastic body (PVC)
  • colorful cloth cover
  • weave: static marine cord
  • drum heads: natural goat hide
  • tripod: steel rod/plastic tape

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 56 × 37 × 22 cm

Large, Medium, Small


No Accessories, Drumhead Cover, Drumsticks, Drumhead Cover + Drumsticks