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Bass Drum – Dunun


Be bold, be different.  Bring in the beating heart to your performance group.

Our dununs are at home in music therapy sessions, classroom, and performance settings as well as with the lovers of deep sounds.

Our dununs are gorgeous double-headed bass drums with a distinctive booming voice.  They are all hand-carved in New Zealand from local solid log.

Dunumba - Songbong - Kenkenni

Originally, the Dunumba, the Songbong and the Kenkenni are the essential bass drums for a traditional djembé ensemble. But they are very versatile bass drums and are not limited to African music, they are tunable and will find their place in any music ensemble.

They can either be played on their side or standing.  Use our screw-on legs to ensure your dununs give the best possible tone by being off the ground.  Dununs are double-headed drums.

Our dununs are all hand-carved from a single piece of local wood. Each drum is unique.  Wood grain, skin color, drum head and body dimensions will vary.


  • from 25cm to 45cm (head diameter)
  • weave : static marine cord
  • drumhead : goat or cow hide
  • shell : wood

Additional information

Weight 5 kg

Kenkenni (S), Songbong (M), Dunumba (L)


Beater, Beater + Legs (screw-on), Legs (screw-on), No Accessories